You joined a network of 1.1 million Americans to make your voice heard.

You asked the Environmental Protection Agency to revise a set of proposed rules that would threaten the reliability and affordability of electricity, and you did this by asking the EPA to balance the environment and the economy. We thank you!

What’s Next:

The EPA will review the comments, including yours, that were collected. They will consider the feedback and then finalize their proposal in June. There is strength in numbers, and we feel sure that your comment will help give the EPA a better grasp of how their proposed regulations could affect real Americans.

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives will continue to work with the EPA to develop a proposal that balances the environment and the economy and that gives credit to our state’s cooperatives for their work with renewable energy and energy efficiency. We may contact you in the coming months to update you on progress or inform you of other issues affecting energy.

Game Time:

Want to know how much nuclear energy we have? Or renewables? Or natural gas? Play the energy source matching game to find out and then share it with your friends to see if they can beat your time! Here’s a hint: North Carolina’s electric cooperatives were early adopters of renewable energy and energy efficiency and have long-supported nuclear energy. We want the EPA to appropriately acknowledge these investments.